Future Shopping Technology

NOKA is a cashierless technology designed for the supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores. The innovative technology allows the shoppers to take the products from the shelves and simply pay with the card at an exit, without the cashiers and scanning the products.

See NOKA in Action

Rediscover the shopping experience


Easy walk in

Take a cart, just touch the sensor and easily go into the store area.


Simply Shopping

Pickup the products from the shelves as you usually do. You can put the products into the cart, bag or pocket without scanning the products.


Fast check-out

Touch the sensor at an exit and pay with the credit card or Apple Pay. Take the printed receipt and exit the store.


Weight Sensors

Weight Sensors

Weight sensors are designed to recognize the number of the products picked up from shelves

Hi-Tech Cart


The unique technology that recognizes the shoppers without vision technology

Smart Barrier

Smart Barrier

Smart automatic barrier allows access to the store and manages the payment at an exit


Advantages of the NOKA Technology

No Cashiers

No cashiers are required at the store

No Scanning

No need to scan the products at the check-out or during the shopping

No Lines

No need to wait in lines because of the fast check-out at an exit

No Cameras

No cameras are used for facial or biometrical recognition.

No mobile app

No mobile app is needed to make shopping

No large Servers

Technology doesn’t require large computing resources and servers to manage the shopping processes.

Easy Shopping with NOKA Technology


NOKA technology idea trial
Nov 2019
Patent filings
Feb 2020
First prototype model
Aug 2020
Experimental store with 100 SKU
Nov 2020
Real store with 1000 SKU
Sep 2021


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